Founded in 2012 by fourth generation maker Aaron C Barton, Backwoods Original has working with its hands runing through its blood.

Based out of the BackwoodsWorkshop in South East Queensland, we design and craft honest handmade furniture and installations with an aesthetic inspired by traditional craftsmanship and contemporary form. Whether your experience with Backwoods Original is through our furniture, one of our conceptual retail spaces or our public exhibition installations our ethos is the same. Design it for the test of time, Build it like it is the last of its kind.

Each Backwoods Original is handcrafted out of salvaged and sustainable materials for their character and low environmental impact. We strive to make old materials useful again and pay homage the stories embedded in their surfaces.


As a company we connect design with story and story with people. The materials we use are embedded in story and have a history. The process of making is a conversation, whether it is a product, commission, large scale comercial project or public art. Backwoods Original embraces traditional techniques and strives to be environmentally sound in the sourcing of materials. All these aspects culminate in the Backwoods Original story and as result offers a unique experience for customers. We might never be a global brand, but we will ensure that our customers feel that their piece of Backwoods Original is just that, original and embedded in story.